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Karl H. Prisching

Region Manager DACH
Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Involved with IBM i (AS/400) since the beginning, about 30 years inside IBM. Now we implement new and quick save solutions for IBM i full data including SAVE21 without or only small interruption of the users. Our product "Flash for i" and external Storage are the combination which provide the functionalty for that.
Second monitoring of your IBM i applications with Open source solutions (PRTG, Nagios and compatible) is very efficient and simple with our product "Control for i". With this solution everything what runs on IBM i (Applications, DB, Jobs, DTAQ, JOBQ, SBS, etc..) could be controlled.
Our third solutiion "Recover for i" minimize the data loss in case of data corruption´regardless you have a HA/DR solution in place or you don't have one.
Because your data are exported and stored continously on an external FTP/NFS Server and can be recovered easily in case of some data destruction (Program or operator error, sabotage, Malware, Ransomware, Disaster).

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