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Peter Boesman

Solucious - Colruyt Group
Application Manager

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I am Application Manager at Solucious. Solucious is a B2B or Foodservice company in Belgium and belongs to the Colruyt Group, Belgiums largest retailer.
We make sure that our foodservice clients can order fresh, frozen and dry goods to be delivered at their doorstep. We have about 1000 deliveries a day in Belgium from 2 warehouses. We have clients in Social, Commercial, Catering and also in private sector. Find out more about us on www.solucious.be

As Application manager I am responsable that existing applications continue to run as before ... forever ... We use the IBMi platform as a backend since many years, and we integrate with a lot of other utilities for certain functionalities. The IBMi backend is mainly used for order-processing, warehouse picking, warehouse management and invoicing. Alongside the IBMi applications I have some 50 other tools, applications & devices to manage for reporting, transport planning, EDI messaging, Archiving, ...
Since last year we're also working with DB2 Web Query. We use RDI and some Arcad tooling for development purposes. 
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