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Groupe Martin Belaysoud
architect IT
Rhône-Alpes, France

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For more than twenty years in an IT department of a French company whose activity is specialized B2B distribution on the construction and industrial finishing works markets, with two main commercial subsidiaries Téréva and Mabéo Industries, I have developed experience on IBMi, first in development and then in team management.
Technological watch and the search for solutions in optics & constraints have always been:
- planning
- performances
- sustainability

IBMi is with us an ERP developed and integrated internally for more than thirty years with a team of about twenty members, more and more connected interfaced with third-party software, either asynchronously by ETL type batch interfaces, or by webservices, in particular with our merchant websites. where the business functions net customers prices and stock availabilities are directly exposed on the LWI integrated in SOAP (since 2013) with a 24/7 SLA

The IBMi environment is "plural" and we are working to modernize the workload with more SQL, APIs, open-source ...but we also have RPGIII programs and cycle GAP in production!
we use Eclipse RDi from the start and are migrating to ACS…

In my opinion, sharing with the i community via Common France and the university i is essential both in the search for IBM partner solutions and by exchanging with other professional IBMi customers.
our profession, finally as the world, is changing faster and faster and so the keys are resilience, adaptation, modernization…
only small problem, our poor level of English :-)

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